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World Cup counterparts: Illustrator drawing three cases of Football

The conduct of the 2006 World Cup is in full swing, how can we remain indifferent? On the bones of this tutorial provides three examples of tutorials Illustrator drawing football, let us also with the World Cup, a fire it! Text entitled "Drawing in Illustrator football", "Drawing with Adobe Illustrator Football" and "Using Adobe Illustrator to create real football."

Example of a video tutorial to teach you draw football

Click here to watch the video tutorial.

Examples of two, draw a simple football

Click here to read tutorial

Three examples, drawing a three-dimensional football

Click here to read tutorial

Example of a video tutorial to teach you draw football

Learning Points

鈽?polygon tool
鈽?reference line (Ctrl +5)
鈽?rotary tool
鈽?once again transform (Ctrl + D)
鈽?clipping masks (Ctrl +7)

Click here to play video tutorial

Right Click here to download the video tutorial (swf file, 2.30MB)

Examples of two, draw a simple football

Using the line tool draw a straight line as shown below (in combination with Shift key to draw a vertical line)

Will maintain the selected line, double-click the rotation tool in the toolbox, pop-up dialog box, shown below, set the rotation angle of 72 degrees (360 梅 5)

Click the "Copy" button, copy the line rotation

Implementation of the Ctrl + D (again transform) command three times

Will be a graphical implementation of the "View> reference is> the establishment of reference line", will become a reference line graphic

With reference to the center line of a circle, hold down the Shift + Alt keys, drawn from the center of a perfect circle, and round to coloring - blue; Stroke - no.

Select the round, double-click the toolbox, zoom tool, zoom tool pop-up dialog box, set up as shown below

Click the "Copy" button, get a copy narrow circle, will change its coloring - white

To a large circular intersection with reference line for the center of a circle, hold down the Alt key, drawn from the center oval, elliptical edge and a small circle and the reference line tangent

Hold down the Alt key, use the rotary tool, in the location of the intersection of reference line click to bring up the rotate dialog box, set the rotation angle as shown below

Click the "Copy" button, get a copy of the elliptical rotation as shown below

Implementation of the Ctrl + D command three times, will round out the three reproduce, use selection tool to the next round white picture hold down the Shift key to select

Implementation of the "Object> Path> Offset Path" command, set the pop-up dialog box as shown below

Click "OK" button, the path will be shown below

Colouring the path to - no; strokes - blue, thick strokes to 4pt

Draw rectangle as shown below

The intersection of reference line as the rotation center of rotation to replicate, as shown in graph 5

Reference line to the intersection of a circle, hold down the Shift + Alt key to draw from the center circle as shown below

Select all of the graphics

Implementation of the "Object> clipping masks> build (Ctrl +7)" command to the top of the circle on the bottom of the formation of shear effect of all graphics

Select using the grouping tool to create clipping masks for the round selected, to strokes to - blue, thickness 3pt

Implementation of the "View> Guides> Clear Guides" command will remove the reference line. Success, and the first pro-a mouth, ha ha.

Three examples, drawing a three-dimensional football

Always thinking about painting football these days, not many spade, and let's begin. Do not ask how such a shape, then painted, have already spoken, there is here, also spoke.

The fill to white, drag the symbols palette

Draw half circle, blue strokes. (Ye draw? Draw a perfect circle, with the direct selection tool to select half of the deletion of that half circle Mody)

Implementation of the "effect> 3D> Raozhuan" command, set in the dialog box as shown below

Click the "map" button, the "symbol" on the choice of the definition of the symbols on the steps, this step need to open the preview, watched adjustment

Preview satisfied, click twice the "OK" button

Results will be a copy, and strokes to white

Using the path outlined triangle shown below, and the implementation of the "Object> Compound Path> build" command. (If you do not know how to draw triangle is very simple, first in the layers palette that the ball will turn off the white display)

Select the white edges of the ball and complex path, the implementation of the "Object> clipping mask> to establish a" command

Using the pen tool draw the path as shown below, and its coloring to red

In the transparency palette will change its hue mixed mode

Using the same method to paint the color of the other

Pen tool draw the shape shown below and use the "Object> Arrange> near the bottom," the graphics placed in the bottom of football

Implementation of the "effect> Fuzzy> Mirror fuzzy" set as shown below

Click "OK" button, as shown in the results

Implementation of the "effect> Fuzzy> Gaussian Blur" setting as shown below

Click "OK" button, as shown in the results

Draw the shape as shown below and fill to the shape of the gradient

Select the following figure in two shapes, click the upper right corner of the transparency palette small triangle, the pop-up menu, select "Create opaque mask" command

The results shown below


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