Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sentiment in the Zen UML

UML to do some design, the developers would think they would not write a program. Indeed, reducing the efficiency of development with the UML, the benefits are not obvious. So we see a lot of places in the textbooks used UML, UML explained that using someone else's system.

I was beginning to learn from C + + object-oriented programming, was IO stream and Borland Turbo Vision convinced by this OO design, OO programming marvel at the elegant, so committed to learning OO programming.

When I think in OO programming, small pet, the Internet saw the introduction of UML. Begin to understand UML, my feelings are complex. Original software is designed so that from? If, as Booch says, then we have been making kennel building has been made does not know how? So have the urge to learn UML. But with the depth of learning, created new problems. UML is difficult to grasp, despite the "proficient UML" like the book. Only use case diagram for the Forum met in BBS do not know how many people the right to draw use case diagram. UML is not only difficult to grasp, and very "shallow" - it is only a representation of it. It is just a language, this language level of spoken words in the end, obviously depends on the speaker's other qualities.

UML and OO thinking of what is important? No OOA / OOD's deep knowledge, learn how to use UML? When I try to do some design with UML, do not feel like writing a program. I use UML reduced development efficiency, the benefits are not obvious. There are also a number of other problems are bothering me, such as: how to use case-driven approach to design a way similar to the Swing class library? Why give examples of books to give to all ATM machines? Why are so many excellent open source software, few claims are designed and developed in this way? I doubt whether this approach is really valuable.

Language and even his thinking. Wittgenstein should hold this view. Orwell in his famous book "1984" has a description, that "something new" for the ideological control. UML1.x version of the actual design may be done a lot of simplification, so I have a UML "new words" feeling. My mind, once the UML and the "symbolic violence" linked.

Kent Beck is said to never draw UML diagram, draw up a simple point of CRC cards are often encoded straight away. But many people do not suspect that he is a good OO designer. So I think most of the time are test-driven, dependency injection, code that is designed such problems, and UML lopsided.

Random chance, I read a little Buddhist and stories. Left me a deep impression that Zen Liuzuhuineng is illiterate. Transmission of the Mind Zen Chuan was "outside the Biography, the text does not stand. Zhizhirenxin see of Buddha." And it is the Sixth Patriarch illiterate, asked, "do not stand writing" of the monks, was finishing his speech and became the only one written by the Chinese Buddhist texts is called upon - new event . One thing is very contradictory. Platform Sutra records, benefits can not become a monk when he heard someone reading "Diamond Sutra", "Hui Neng heard in the heart will be enlightened tomorrow." This is the "Wu Ji teaching cases." After the Sixth Patriarch, Zen into the "not legislative language," non-word meditation times. Road as the language barrier in this, as reading brick into a mirror for the mill. However, there is no text after all the inconvenience to the Northern Song Dynasty, recorded as a large number of general circulation Zen light, the increasing prevalence of participation in the style of koan study, the text of the sky by the Zen. "Do not stand writing" the Zen become "separated from the text" of Zen.

Suddenly I seemed to understand the meaning of UML exist: that can not be said for that. "Forty-nine years, said Buddha, never spoke the word." Buddha said: can not say that. Obviously can not be said, was sympathetic and said so much.

Previously that the design of OO systems take hold of a point on the line, that is, "Imitation of Nature." Then is the "use of magic, Bottom of Heart." Structure in this theory, it seems there is no UML location. After all, "Road to the eternal Tao." But Buddhism has given me inspiration, these books over and over again after spending a lot of effort to speak in terms of some of the things that do not understand. "Do not stand writing" is "that not"; "separated from the text" and "how to say something not said." For this can not talk about things, people often use allegorical or in someone else's story to illustrate that truth visualize the abstract released.

UML is doing the same thing, so we see a large number of textbooks to use in UML, UML explained that using someone else's system. Perhaps we learn in textbooks through the UML and other UML design to achieve, "Wu Ji teaching cases."

UML is also a training of the imagination, so that you all have not the time, and vividly imagine the system might look like. A great designer, must be a person with extraordinary imagination. UML is a raft to cross the river, across the river for people who have naturally do not need to; for not crossing the people who want to transition, it is very needed. At this point my feeling is: "always wasting over power lines today, the water itself."


What is UML?

Unified Modeling Language (Unified Modeling Language) is a used to describe, construct software systems and business modeling language, integrated in a large, complex system design domain were recognized for excellence in software engineering.

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Private enterprises have joint creation 6 years to develop its "wealth snowball" skills

Archer Square, Nanjing 40, a quiet office building, nearly a thousand software engineers to gather together here last year achieved sales of nearly 10 billion yuan, the development of software supporting the four major telecommunications operators in China, the core system, and taxation, social security, education, information and other new areas of the city to achieve extraordinary results. These basic elements, outlined the domestic famous software companies - the basic outline of Nanjing Linkage Technology Co., Ltd..

No one would think, 6 years ago, the beginning of joint venture is only a record with only two dozen small companies and individuals in the ownership dispute, take the road of privatization of small companies. On the surface, joint creative development placid, nor do mergers, acquisitions like big move. But is such a large share of employee-controlled enterprises, government support and social development opportunities, the short span of six years, trained a "wealth snowball" skills. Joint creation at the helm Sun Libin told reporters about one of the "wealth trajectory."

Bodiless-for "stocks" - Three Changes, key employees of the shareholders and investors together of the world's leading fortune

United ups, born in May 1997, born out of the Genesis Group. Birth, it has a strong background of state-owned enterprises - Genesis Group, spun off the software sector, and Nanjing has a government background, the three joint venture of state-owned company, established in Nanjing joint creation. Only six months, the company develop from two dozen to 100 people, the scale of business skyrocketed.

But we are concerned about the rapid development of business when Sun Libin has resolutely made a very risky but it now seems is the right decision.

The end of 1997, Sun Libin made the first option to board restructuring proposal, holders of shares of the Company for technical backbone. A ripple! Support of and against the holding of a speech, the company is facing unprecedented hardships. Finally, half of the employees leave the company at the cost of the completion of the first joint creative evolution: staff to become a one-third share in cash to shareholders.

Joint creation of the second evolution is in November 2001. With the national development of the process of privatization of some enterprises, joint creative support of the Government in Nanjing, the pace of privatization has taken a genuine, one after another out of state-owned shares, the staff re-finance the purchase.

Completion of the private system of joint creation, soon made the pace of international development, beginning the third evolution: the successful introduction of three renowned international investors - the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation Pte Ltd., Intel Corporation, Softbank China Venture Investment Co., Ltd., the three co-creators to invest 14 million U.S. dollars joint venture capital, will be restructured into a joint venture joint record.

"Joint creation of the three evolution of mechanisms to solve their capital while the company has established a perfect modern corporate governance structure, business development and long-term interests of managers and employees together to make it to masters of their own participation management, solve business 'agency costs' of the problem, completely cleared the institutional obstacles to enterprise development. "Sun Libin said.

Wealth of experience: the state-owned - private - joint venture, joint creation bodiless for "stock" of the evolution of the road very instructive. Mechanism to establish good corporate capital, is one of the essence. This capital mechanism, but also established good business talent and incentive mechanisms. These are precisely the number of private enterprises to grow in easily overlooked and difficult to crossed a threshold.

Fostering an entrepreneurial gene - 6 years, the joint venture mechanism to create a unique incubator of the seven subsidiaries

Copy of the latest data show that in 2003 IT professionals quit enterprises was 14.5%, while the Beijing software enterprise personnel turnover rate is as high as 26%. However, joint creation, six years of active personnel turnover rate of less than 5% on average, key employee turnover rate is less than 3%.

What makes the joint creation with such great talent cohesion?

"Employee ownership is an aspect to be widespread, but more important is the unique joint venture create internal mechanisms. In the joint creation, everyone has the opportunity to become an entrepreneur. Enterprises in the entrepreneurial spirit of employees through training and awareness also actively draw businesses to come to venture outside the elite, its platform and setting up the business. "Sun Libin said.

Is currently senior vice president of Dr. Huang Xiwei, is the joint creation in 2000 the technical director. At that time, he was found in the product development, broadband access authentication server market to promising and rapidly submitted to our discussions. Soon, the program has been recognized by the company and the investment funds, led by a small number from the Huang Xiwei, entrepreneurs, project development and promotion. In 2003, Union funded the formation of new communications companies, and entrepreneurial team led by Huang Xiwei and also to raise funds for a small part of the shares come. Joint creation of a new industry, company growth was incubated.

So far, Union in this way were hatched out seven subsidiaries. At the same time, a number of new entrepreneurial spirit of the times with the birth of the new company was hatched out.

Wealth of experience: "Everyone has the opportunity to become an entrepreneur." Just a word, not only embodies the company's personnel system, but also the performance of the enterprise's talent. And it is such a talent mechanisms and talent, forging a joint cohesion and create a huge core competitiveness.杩欏浠モ?浜衡?涓烘敮鎾戠殑鐜颁唬浼佷笟鏉ヨ鏄惧緱灏や负閲嶈銆?br />

鑱斿垱鏈夌潃寰堝ソ鐨勭洰鏍囨満鍒躲?鐪嬬潃涓?簺鏇剧粡涓庤嚜宸卞悓姝ョ敋鑷宠蛋鍦ㄥ墠鍒楃殑鍚岃锛屽浠婂凡鈥滃彉鑴糕?寰椾笉鎴愭牱瀛愶紝鐢氳嚦瀹屽叏鍋忕涓讳笟锛屽瓩鍔涙枌鎬绘湁澶鎰熸叏銆?骞存潵锛屽瓩鍔涙枌涓?洿鍦ㄨ仈鍒涙棦瀹氱殑鐩爣涓嬶紝甯﹂浼佷笟鍥哄畧鐫?蒋浠朵笟锛屾嫆缁濅簡绫讳技鎴垮湴浜х瓑琛屼笟鐨勨?璇辨儜鈥濓紝瀛滃瓬涓嶅?銆傚仛涓栫晫涓?祦杞欢浼佷笟锛屼竴鐩存槸瀛欏姏鏂岀殑鎵ц憲杩芥眰锛?br />
鈥滀紒涓氳繘鍏ヤ竴涓涓氾紝鐩爣鍜屽姩鏈哄緢閲嶈銆傞偅浜涢?杩囬潪甯告墜娈佃幏寰楃殑鐩堝埄锛屽浼佷笟鏉ヨ鍙兘鏄煭鏈熻涓猴紝杩樹細鍩嬩笅椋庨櫓闅愭偅銆備綔涓轰紒涓氾紝瀹冨湪鐩堝埄鐨勫悓鏃讹紝鍐呴儴鐨勨?浣撹川鈥欏繀椤诲緱鍒版彁楂橈紝鍙湁杩欐牱鎵嶈兘鎵撻?鍑衡?鐧惧勾鑰佸簵鈥欍?鈥濊繖鏄瓩鍔涙枌濮嬬粓鍧氭寔鐨勪紒涓氬彂灞曡銆?br />
鏃堕棿璇佹槑锛屽瓩鍔涙枌鐨勨?鍥烘墽鈥濇槸璧板浜嗐?鍒涗笟涔嬪垵锛岃仈鍒涚殑骞撮攢鍞敹鍏ヤ粎鏈?000涓囧厓锛屼絾6骞村悗杩欎竴鏁板瓧鍗寸炕浜?0鍊嶏紝杈惧埌杩?0浜垮厓銆備絾瀛欏姏鏂岀殑鐩爣涓嶄粎浜庢銆傚湪浠栫湅鏉ワ紝浠婂悗鐨勪竷鍏勾鍐咃紝淇℃伅浜т笟灏嗗嚭鐜拌蒋浠躲?鏁版嵁閫氳銆佷俊鎭湇鍔′笟涓夊ぇ浜т笟缇わ紝鑱斿垱灏嗘墡鏍瑰叾涓?浠栫殑鐩爣鏄埌2012骞翠娇鑱斿垱鐨勯攢鍞敹鍏ョ獊鐮?00浜裤?瀹炲疄鍦ㄥ湪鍋氬疄涓氾紝鏄仈鍒涘疄鐜拌储瀵屽?澧炵殑鎴愬姛绉樿瘈銆?br />

璐㈠瘜蹇冨緱锛氭诞韬侊紝鍐充笉鏄竴涓紒涓氬垱涓氬簲鏈夌殑蹇冩?銆傝仈鍒涗互鑷繁鐨勫疄璺甸亾鍑轰簡璐㈠瘜鐨勬牴鍩烘墍鍦ㄣ?鍦ㄦ皯钀ョ粡娴庡ぇ娼墤闈㈣?鏉ョ殑浠婂ぉ锛屽皢浼氭湁瓒婃潵瓒婂姘戜紒娑岀幇锛屾槸鏄欒姳涓?幇杩樻槸鐧惧勾涓嶈“锛岀洰鏍囨満鍒舵槸鍏抽敭銆?br />

Monday, October 25, 2010

Thunder won the Super Rabbit infringement compensable 80000

Many users are concerned about the Super Rabbit Thunder prosecute infringement case, finally has the final word - the Tianhe District People's Court of First Instance ruling made in support of the plaintiff Thunder Network Technology Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City's claim, found the defendant Cai Xuan unauthorized modify the plaintiffs to develop and enjoy the copyright of Thunder 5 Series behavior of the software illegally, their behavior changes and dissemination of software functions destroyed the integrity of the plaintiff, violated the plaintiff Thunderbolt Thunderbolt five software companies to enjoy the works of such personal rights and property rights.

Rabbit apology, Thunder won compensated 80,000

Court judgments are:

(1) from the legally effective decision within ten days from the date of the defendant Cai spin in the "Super Rabbit Software" Web page on a continuous 72-hour statement published on its violations to the plaintiff Thunder Network Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen, public apology ( apology be made subject to hospital examination fails to do so, the Court will be in the "Southern Metropolis Daily" published on the main contents of the verdict, the cost burden from the defendant Cai Xuan);

(2) the defendant Cai Xuan legally effective in the decision within ten days, the plaintiff Thunder Network Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen compensation for economic losses (including reasonable expenses) 80,000 yuan.

Cases Whole Story

August 2007, "Super Rabbit" launch "Thunderbolt Super Rabbit Edition", without removing the original Thunderbolt allow unauthorized software interface for all advertising and Thunder's dog search. April 2: Thunder issued quickly by, asked Cai Xuan stop Thunder series changes and distribution software, and the deletion of "super rabbit" in the "Thunderbolt record cleaning functions", and pointed out in the indictment:

1, starting from August 2007, after another illegal software on the Thunder series changes, and through "Super Rabbit Software" web site released illegally to the network users to obtain illegal benefits.

Second, the software that came with the Super Rabbit "Thunderbolt record cleaning functions", tested, "seriously affected the normal use of Thunder series of software."

At the same time, Thunder on the end of April on the formal charges Cai Xuan, hoping to defend their rights by law, and in October won the case.

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DB2 command line processor and scripting

When using the DB2 command line processor

IBM DB2 command line processor sounds like nothing special, but in fact it is the DB2 interface, it best embodies the power of DB2 and DB2's simplicity and versatility. Command line is not pretty (in fact, Windows on the DB2 has been a "strong but the Beloved" reputation. It was first published on DB2 on NT when the Control Center was not yet available). UNIX command exercise reminds us of the Telnet, there are 1981 used DOS commands. However, if your SQL commands strong enough - or you want to enter a quick command to verify the installation of DB2 situation - then the command line is ideal, but usually higher than through the Access such as PowerBuilder or submit a request to the front faster . CLP is the gateway to each of the direct path of DB2 programming interface. It makes any thing can be programmed to call through interface call - or a simple script (as we had to write off in DOS. BAT files) in the call. As MVS on SPUFI, VM and VSE ISQL on the SQLDBSU These are very durable and similar tools, which makes us confident that CLP will have a very long time.

This article will show you how to use the command line processor (CLP) for your benefit. If the principle is not enough for some to understand, then, can refer to the manual (DB2 Command Reference), with a whole chapter of this manual describes the use of CLP.

Verify installation of the situation and determine where the problem lies

When I first OS / 2 when you install DB2 (DB2 in this one year ago has been used in NT), I have many other operating systems (DOS, VM, VSE, MVS 鈩? AS/400 庐 ) on the used SQL Database Manager of the. After successfully installing, I started to read about information, when I was "cataloging nodes and databases (catalog node and database)," confused the matter. catalog the word and the last likable SYSIBM catalog SYSCAT and compared with the verb of the mean. Sometimes, I will complain loudly against DB2: "I do not want to catalog anything, I just want to run a SELECT statement to ensure that I properly installed the DB2." A few hours later, I calm down, understand that only created After the DB2 database will have a database directory; you do not need the local machine will be cataloged nodes and databases - only in a connection to the server when the client needs cataloging. Create a sample database is easy - run db2sampl on it. Verify installation of the situation, the command line processor is a tool I need, when you can run:

In UNIX and OS / 2, you only need to use a common operating system prompt, and in any DB2 command or SQL statement by adding "DB2". In Windows, things will take some work, which will be explained later, but you can enter DB2CMD to create an appropriate DB2 commands, SQL and operating system commands (such as dir and ren) in the prompt. You can even mix of SQL, DB2 commands, and operating system parameters, such as use | more to scroll the screen, use the greater than (>) to transport the contents of the file:

DB2 select backup bin bin_old conf config crawler.tar.gz crawler_bin.tar.gz data eshow eshow_sitemap.html google.html google.html.md5 log maint news: 10 news: 11 news: 12 news: 13 news: 14 news: 15 news: 16 news: 17 news: 18 news: 2 news: 3 news: 4 news: 5 news: 6 news: 7 news: 8 news: 9 outboundLinksMgr.sql seeds sitemap.html svn tasks tmp xml2dict-2008.6- tar.gz xml2dict-read-only from employee> c: \ tmp \ emp.out | more
Note: DB2 and operating system for those who have a sense of symbols, such as Windows on the greater than (>), the operating system will be the first to answer. SELECT backup bin bin_old conf config crawler.tar.gz crawler_bin.tar.gz data eshow eshow_sitemap.html google.html google.html.md5 log maint news: 10 news: 11 news: 12 news: 13 news: 14 news : 15 news: 16 news: 17 news: 18 news: 2 news: 3 news: 4 news: 5 news: 6 news: 7 news: 8 news: 9 outboundLinksMgr.sql seeds sitemap.html svn tasks tmp xml2dict-2008.6-tar . gz xml2dict-read-only FROM EMPLOYEE WHERE SALARY> 9999 statement, the error message will be transmitted to a file named 9999. To draw the boundaries of these special symbols; you should enter:

SELECT backup bin bin_old conf config crawler.tar.gz crawler_bin.tar.gz data eshow eshow_sitemap.html google.html google.html.md5 log maint news: 10 news: 11 news: 12 news: 13 news: 14 news : 15 news: 16 news: 17 news: 18 news: 2 news: 3 news: 4 news: 5 news: 6 news: 7 news: 8 news: 9 outboundLinksMgr.sql seeds sitemap.html svn tasks tmp xml2dict-2008.6-tar . gz xml2dict-read-only FROM EMPLOYEE WHERE SALARY ">" 9999
Although your users may never use the CLP to access their data, the DBA or application programmer who, CLP in the toolbox is the most basic tool: it is applicable on all occasions such as the tuxedo. For critical applications, often the database is a key point, if a local error, then the problem would be more difficult to determine. In the mainframe / mini computer field, the problem may be in the application may also be out in the software system, but the problem can always be defined within a single computer. While the client - server space, the problem may be hidden on the client system software (operating systems, database client, or communication protocol), may be hidden in the client application code, may be hidden in the server application code ( If you are using triggers, user-defined function, or stored procedure), may also be hidden in other places on the server. 3 - tier applications, including Web server, browser and third-tier hardware. CLP in here for? The answer is that it can move an application from the architecture differently. If you find a problem, then the fault can be translated into a simple request SQL, and from the machine on the CLP to run the SQL:

Client computer
Web Servers
According to Where No problem, where there is failure, you can determine that DB2 itself faulty (most likely through SQL-CLP presented in the form of a failed server and client applications in the form of the fault is the same), or the problem In the communication on the (request for the client out of trouble, but there is no problem on the server), or the problem is with the Web server (the problem only lies in the furthest place).


CLP is also a help to the DB2 interface. If you receive a message, but do not know what appropriate steps should be taken, then enter in the CLP:

C: \ SQLLIB> db2? Sql0100 | more

FETCH, UPDATE or DELETE statement, the output should be SQL0100W No such line; otherwise the query result is an empty table.

Explanation: The following case is true in a situation where:

No this line found in the UPDATE or DELETE statement specified search criteria.

SELECT statement's result is an empty table.

When positioning the cursor to the last row of the table records the results, it will execute a FETCH statement.

Used in INSERT SELECT statement the result is empty.
There is no search, update, or delete data.

User response: No action. Processing can continue.

sqlcode: +100

sqlstate: 02000

You can see the same in the Messages manual help, including suggestions to avoid problems and can be used with the action. CLP will also provide for the DB2 command syntax (as an example, you can try DB2? Backup).


You can use the CLP to run the script, any operation can be treated with conventional run the utility program (such as night running LOAD, RUNSTATS or BACKUP commands), can be a CLP script. CLP's some options you can specify the input file (-f), one for the message output file (-z), it can send back to the screen on what to run on the information (-v), it can set a statement terminator (-t), if you set this option, the script can contain multiple DB2 commands and SQL statements. Usually, I will run this script: DB2-tvf filename.ddl-t, followed by the default terminator (;),- v option allows to send files back to the contents to the screen (so you can check to do I tell the DB2 what),-f option tells CLP using an input file. By DB2? Options available on all options to help:

C: \ SQLLIB> db2? Options

db2 [option ...] [db2-command | sql-statement |

[? [Phrase | message | sqlstate | class-code]]]

option:-a,-c,-e (c | s),-finfile,-lhistfile,-n,-o,-p,-rreport,-s,-t,


Option Description Default setting
-A Display SQLCA OFF
-C auto-commit ON
-F file Read the contents from the input OFF
-L logging history file, the command OFF
Delete newline character display output ON OFF-o
-P Display interactive command db2 ON
-R Save output report to file OFF
-S Stop execution when an error occurs the command OFF
-T set the statement terminator OFF
-V Echo current command OFF
-W Display FETCH / SELECT warning messages ON
-X is omitted, print column headings OFF
-Z Save all output to the output file OFF

In the DB2 Control Center, where in the script center provides a more advanced scripting, including the timing (scheduling), and can use the logs to see what happened. In the prototype (prototyping) mode, CLP is just a quick way to start the program. Note that the output of the-x option: we added the ability to allow for the fixpak 1 in DB2 v7 is not output column headings. If the customer requests the output column headings, they may be concerned about the column headings, because they want some of the output look better (or another program to output as the input). For me, this means that people will now CLP not only for the prototype.

DDL script written

If the database for each product and development You follow this simple rule, you will be grateful to me: You can all be used to create or change a database object DDL is stored in a file. Even more exciting is that you can use an editor to enter into a DDL file, and then submit this file to the CLP to run the file. If you do not adopt the proposal, then re-used to create a database view, check constraint, SQL process and triggers the text of the statement also can be obtained:

select text from syscat.views

select text, tabname from syscat.checks

select text from syscat.procedures

select text from syscat.triggers

You can also use the-e option (or for a specific table using the-t option and the-e option) will run db2look to collect most of the information. DB2 Command Reference for the preparation of the document db2look. However, this information will be stored in advance in a DDL file used to submit more than one database in a model depends on a new project to re-create the middle of rush it is to look professional some more.


You do not have all of the DML (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE) is stored in a file. After all, these DML will be written in your program, and can be used as monitors and DB2 Query Patroller DB2 tools such as dynamic capture. However, in the SQL input to an application, you can first use the CLP to prototype testing to see if they are satisfied with the results (and can check the syntax). Use the-a option to view the SQL Communications Area (SQLCA). For example, if the statement is not anything to update, perhaps in the syntax of this statement is correct, but no rows meet the updated condition was due to use of the restrictive clause where a very strong result. In this case, you will get a value of 100 in SQLCODE:

C: \ sqllib> db2-a update employee set salary = 5 where salary "<" -5

SQLCA Information

sqlcaid: SQLCA sqlcabc: 136 sqlcode: 100 sqlerrml: 0


sqlerrp: SQLRIEXU

sqlerrd: (1) -31743 (2) 1 (3) 0

(4) 0 (5) 0 (6) 0

sqlwarn: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)

(7) (8) (9) (10) (11)

sqlstate: 02000

When using the DB2 Command Center

DB2 Command Center is a graphical command line (for those readers who prefer the logic of metaphysics, this is a specious argument, rather than simply self-contradictory). Any command or SQL statement, or even the operating system commands, can be submitted through the Command Center. While the direct call to DB2 CLP programming interface, but the Command Center to be returned by DB2's Call Level Interface (or CLI, which is basically a superset of ODBC). This means that when a fault occurs, you may get a CLI error message, rather than a SQLCODE. This also means that if you suspect that somewhere CLI bug, you can try to be submitted by CLP SQL to Command Center. If the CLP is partly successful, but some failure in the Command Center, then the problem obviously lies in that part of CLI. In DB2, this is important, because all the DB2 ODBC, Java, JDBC and SQLJ access should be through the CLI. For this reason, Command Center is to use Java. Than CLP, Command Center has the following advantages:

Operating system command prompt in the external border scroll horizontally and vertically: This includes orders and for you to submit the results of SELECT statement, the independent tab (or page).

On the cut and paste the full clipboard support.

Can access the Script Center (in Control Center in) and Visual Explain (in order to graphically display the access plan on the SQL statement - this is to see which indexes are the best way to use). Can highlight the SQL, by clicking on the Access Plan to visually explain a SQL statement.

Can more easily expand or shrink with the mouse through the visible area to show (or hide) the number of columns.

Provides a drop-down menu, used to retrieve and edit previously submitted an order (rather than relying on the operating system commands, such as Windows and OS / 2 operating system, the up arrow and down arrow).

In the session presented the results of a better command and history - which is conducive to the interactive experience into the script (or get all the CREATE TABLE statement and to place a file).

Support all of the CLP options (such as display SQLCA).
Because the interfaces are different, some of the subtleties need to know. The next statement in the Command Center and in the CLP will be very different results:

create user temporary tablespace usetemp

pagesize 4k managed by system using (''C: \ usetemp'');

declare global temporary table t1 (col1 int) not logged;

select count (*) from session.t1;

This statement and DB2 on a temporary table for user session handling of the ownership. Start in the Command Center for each Java process, ownership is not static. The above select count (*) statement will be successful in the CLP, but can not find the Command Center in session.t1.

CLP Design

DB2 Command Reference in Chapter 2 explains the design of CLP. CLP design composed by two processes:

A front-end process (or in the Windows and OS / 2 on the thread), to handle communication with the operating system command prompt.

A back-end process for handling communications with the database. This ensures that you connect to DB2, if the use of Control-C or Control-Break suspended from a large selection (such as SELECT backup bin bin_old conf config crawler.tar.gz crawler_bin.tar.gz data eshow eshow_sitemap.html generate. sh google.html google.html.md5 log maint news: 10 news: 11 news: 12 news: 13 news: 14 news: 15 news: 16 news: 17 news: 18 news: 2 news: 3 news: 4 news: 5 news: 6 news: 7 news: 8 news: 9 outboundLinksMgr.sql seeds sitemap.html svn tasks tmp xml2dict-2008.6-tar.gz xml2dict-read-only FROM SYSCAT.TABLES) output, the output will be successfully terminated, will not disconnect the connection to DB2.
Command window and Windows on the comparison of CLP

Why, then, DB2 requires that you use Windows on DB2CMD.EXE (or use the DB2 Command Window, or use the DB2 Command Line Processor, or to use the start menu) then start a CLP? In UNIX and OS / 2, the front-end process and back-end link between the process is very simple: If the parent dies, all its child processes will be the operating system to terminate. In Windows, the death of the parent thread does not terminate the child thread. Here we do not adventure produced a large number of Windows on phantom thread but decided to use a cookie to the CLP on the link for the Windows front-end and back-end thread thread. This requires the CLP through DB2CMD.EXE to start. This ensures that if the father killed the thread, then the child thread will not be retained, thus avoiding the waste of resources. Do not worry called "DB2 Command Processor" specific options. It creates a special like this prompt:

db2 =>
This way, you do not have all the instructions sent to DB2 are combined prior to DB2. On the other hand, now you must add an exclamation point before the operating system commands (!), As in the Command Center in the same.

When not to use the command line processor

Used to check for grammar and you want users to see the results of the prototype SQL is, CLP useful. However, CLP is so multi-purpose, able to provide to each DB2 SQL statements, commands and programming interfaces for access channel, so generally speaking, than the dynamic SQL (such as those available through the ODBC dynamic SQL) to CLP will produce more large overhead. In order to test the performance of the prototype, you can use db2batch, which in the DB2 Command Reference have documented.

A typical example of the need to avoid (or say an example worth copying)

Here is a simple example, many of them full of bad programming habits, this example shows why the CLP for the application logic is not very good. For simple scripting, the following examples can be more powerful and can even deal with some errors, and if it is written in PERL so. However, for me, write and do some useful work is very interesting. Prerequisites:

Have created the sample database.

The output from the DIR command and I get where the test system (with ServicePak 5 of NT 4.0, and Windows 2000) to match.

You are in Windows, in a DB2 Command Window.
What this example

Not have encountered the situation of running out of disk space. The following examples capture in C: \ on a recursive directory listing of the output, for each size of 1 MB or larger than 1 MB of file into line, and lists the C: disk 10 largest files. Do not delete PAGEFILE.SYS! Can only remove those who clearly know junk files (such as C: \ TEMP in the large. PDF files). This case there is any good place?

It can help me clean up my hard drive.

It can work in both systems (I successfully completed system testing and release it!)
This example, what is wrong places?

Developer Corner in the upcoming release of a 500-page readme file (readme), you will see on this example of the shortcomings documented.

Carefully study this example:
(I like this run: db2-tvf dirpub)

! Dir c: \ *.* / s> dir.out;

connect to sample;

create table dirlist (size_in_mb int not null, name char (21) not null

CONSTRAINT CHECKBYTES CHECK (name not like''bytes %''));

import from c: dir.out of asc method l (28 30, 40 60)

commitcount 1000 replace into dirlist;

select backup bin bin_old conf config crawler.tar.gz crawler_bin.tar.gz data eshow eshow_sitemap.html google.html google.html.md5 log maint news: 10 news: 11 news: 12 news: 13 news: 14 news : 15 news: 16 news: 17 news: 18 news: 2 news: 3 news: 4 news: 5 news: 6 news: 7 news: 8 news: 9 outboundLinksMgr.sql seeds sitemap.html svn tasks tmp xml2dict-2008.6-tar . gz xml2dict-read-only from dirlist order by size_in_mb desc

fetch first 10 rows only;

1 about to C: on the list of all files sent to the dir.out.

Line 2 connected to the sample database.

Line 3 creates a table with two columns: one is a MB as a unit the size of each file, a file name of each file in the first 21 characters. Since Windows tells you information on the directory will display the phrase "bytes", then we use a check constraint to eliminate these unwanted lines.

4 dir.out about to file into the table in the row in dirlist. We assume that in MB file size for the unit is from 28 to 30 of an integer, and from 40 to 60 of the content used as a file name. Every time we introduce the 1000 and replaces the contents of dirlist to prevent multiple run such a referral.

Line 5 was the 10 largest file name.

So, with 5 lines of code, we can clean up a hard disk partition (or at least see out which files take up all the space). Handling error conditions, allowing search other drives, and remove the output of the system files, these functions can be easily extended to hundreds of this little program line, I do not write so many compiled code. After all, CLP's spirit is "quick and dirty (quick and dirty)", which means that 20% of energy to meet the needs of 80%. If you carefully apply the 80/20 rule, so that users are satisfied, you can always receive more projects.

About the author

Blair Adamache is the IBM Toronto lab, a 17-year-old employee work experience. He has rhetoric (Rhetoric) master's degree, but the promise applied only to their ability to good service. Blair's current role is to manage the DB2 service group, the group responsible for ensuring that customers continue to enjoy the industry's best software support database. Blair has many years of experience in dealing and users involved in marketing, services, development and management. He is the "DB2 Fundamentals Certification for Dummies (Hungry Minds)" technical editor, "The Complete DB2 Reference (McGraw Hill)" The co-author, and for the IBM DB2 Developer Corner has written many articles. Blair because of technical problems and find the best way is to email


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Friday, October 8, 2010

Tips to download lovers to support the market

Author: Chen Xubo

After spend broadband, the most happy was undoubtedly the friends who like to download, but there followed an anxious question, that is to see other "fellow" Because I enjoyed downloading, the hard disk have "injured", the reason is very simple, on-line a lot of good stuff, tall are several megahertz or even G, download up better than a few hours, long suffering strange not to hard disk broke! How best to protect the hard drive, I believe the following "Tips" can help you a favor ... ...

1. Increase the disk cache. Run "Windows Optimization Master", choose "System Performance Optimization 鈫?disk cache optimization", in the right panel, combined with their own memory, in accordance with the recommended values adjust the software disk cache, and finally click the "Optimize" button.

2. FlashGet's Save the frequency adjustment. FlashGet is the users one of the most commonly used to download the software, it provides a common hard disk protection mechanism - first data downloaded to the buffer, to a certain amount of time and then written to disk. This mechanism can be effective in preventing frequent disk operations. In FlashGet's main interface, the implementation of the main menu "Tools 鈫?Options" in the "Options" window, switch to the "General" page, find "the data is written to disk when receiving" option (Figure 1 ), set the value to the maximum of 1000, the downloaded file will be 1000KB Save for the unit.

3. BT player of the Gospel. BT is currently one of the most popular download tool, but unfortunately, many BT download tool is the data is written directly to disk, so a long time, damage the hard drive can be imagined. In fact, many of the BT download tool, you may consider using the "bit Wizard", which in addition to providing functionality similar to FlashGet download manager, also has the intelligent control of the cache and many other features, the related website: http://www / bscn.htm.

Installing "bit Wizard", when you click on a BT download link, pop-up "Add New Task" dialog box (Figure 2), see the "largest cache block" option, right? Each block size is 256KB, the initial default value is 60 for 256MB of main memory, the value generally meet the requirements, if you have more than 384MB of memory, it is recommended to enhance the value.

The points mentioned above, are essentially by increasing the buffer to read and write, to reduce the number of hard disk read and write to achieve the "burden" of purpose, we can judge the whole.


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Thursday, September 23, 2010

SSL works

SSL is a security protocol that provides to use TCP / IP communications between the application of privacy and integrity. Internet Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) to use SSL to achieve secure communications.

Between the client and server data transmitted through the use of symmetric algorithms (such as DES or RC4) for encryption. Public key algorithm (usually RSA) is used to obtain the encryption key exchange and digital signatures, this algorithm uses the server's SSL digital certificate public key. With the server's SSL digital certificate, the client can verify the identity of the server. SSL protocol version 1 and 2 provide only server authentication. Version 3 adds client authentication, this certification also requires the client and the server's digital certificate.

SSL handshake /

SSL connections are always initiated by the client. SSL session at the beginning of the implementation of SSL handshake. This handshake produces the session password parameters. SSL handshake on how to deal with a simple outline, as shown below. This example assumes that in Web browsers and Web servers to establish a SSL connection.

(1) client to send out capacity of the client password client "Hello" message (to client preference order), such as the SSL version of the password on the client support and client support for data compression. Message also contains 28 bytes of random numbers.

(2) server to server "Hello" message response, this message contains password methods (password pair) and selected by the server, data compression, and the session ID and another random number.

Note: client and server must support at least one public password pair, or handshake failure. Server generally choose the largest public password pair.

(3) The server sends its SSL digital certificate. (Server with SSL, X.509 V3 digital certificates.)

If the server uses SSL V3, and the server application (such as Web server) needs a digital certificate for client authentication, the client will issue a "digital certificate request" message. In the "digital certificate request" message, the server to issue digital certificates to support the client list of the types and acceptable CA names.

(4) server to issue server "Hello to complete" message and wait for client response.

(5) a receiving server "Hello to complete" message, the client (Web browser) to verify the server's SSL digital certificate and check the validity of the server's "Hello" message parameters is acceptable.

If the server requested client digital certificate, the client will send its digital certificate; or, if no suitable digital certificate is available, the client will send a "no digital certificate" warning. This warning is just a warning, but if the client digital certificate authentication is mandatory, then the session server application will fail.

(6) The client sends a "client key exchange" message.

This message contains the pre-master secret (a symmetric encryption key used in the generation of 46-byte random number), and message authentication code (MAC) key (with the server's public key encryption).

If the client sends a client-side digital certificate to the server, the client will issue a signed client's private key "digital certificate authentication" message. By verifying the signature of this message, the server can display digital certificates verify the ownership of the client.

Note: If the server does not belong to a digital certificate private key, it will not decrypt the pre-master password, can not create the correct key is a symmetric encryption algorithm, and the handshake will fail.

(7) client using a series of encryption algorithms will be pre-master secret into a master secret, which will send all birth for encryption and message authentication key. Then, the client issued a "change password specification" message will be converted to the new consultation server password pair. The next client to issue a message ("not complete" message) to use this password key encryption method and the first message.

(8) server to its own "Change Password norms" and "completed" message response.

(9) SSL handshake over, and the application can send encrypted data.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

World Cup counterparts: Illustrator drawing three cases of Football

The conduct of the 2006 World Cup is in full swing, how can we remain indifferent? On the bones of this tutorial provides three examples of tutorials Illustrator drawing football, let us also with the World Cup, a fire it! Text entitled "Drawing in Illustrator football", "Drawing with Adobe Illustrator Football" and "Using Adobe Illustrator to create real football."

Example of a video tutorial to teach you draw football

Click here to watch the video tutorial.

Examples of two, draw a simple football

Click here to read tutorial

Three examples, drawing a three-dimensional football

Click here to read tutorial

Example of a video tutorial to teach you draw football

Learning Points

鈽?polygon tool
鈽?reference line (Ctrl +5)
鈽?rotary tool
鈽?once again transform (Ctrl + D)
鈽?clipping masks (Ctrl +7)

Click here to play video tutorial

Right Click here to download the video tutorial (swf file, 2.30MB)

Examples of two, draw a simple football

Using the line tool draw a straight line as shown below (in combination with Shift key to draw a vertical line)

Will maintain the selected line, double-click the rotation tool in the toolbox, pop-up dialog box, shown below, set the rotation angle of 72 degrees (360 梅 5)

Click the "Copy" button, copy the line rotation

Implementation of the Ctrl + D (again transform) command three times

Will be a graphical implementation of the "View> reference is> the establishment of reference line", will become a reference line graphic

With reference to the center line of a circle, hold down the Shift + Alt keys, drawn from the center of a perfect circle, and round to coloring - blue; Stroke - no.

Select the round, double-click the toolbox, zoom tool, zoom tool pop-up dialog box, set up as shown below

Click the "Copy" button, get a copy narrow circle, will change its coloring - white

To a large circular intersection with reference line for the center of a circle, hold down the Alt key, drawn from the center oval, elliptical edge and a small circle and the reference line tangent

Hold down the Alt key, use the rotary tool, in the location of the intersection of reference line click to bring up the rotate dialog box, set the rotation angle as shown below

Click the "Copy" button, get a copy of the elliptical rotation as shown below

Implementation of the Ctrl + D command three times, will round out the three reproduce, use selection tool to the next round white picture hold down the Shift key to select

Implementation of the "Object> Path> Offset Path" command, set the pop-up dialog box as shown below

Click "OK" button, the path will be shown below

Colouring the path to - no; strokes - blue, thick strokes to 4pt

Draw rectangle as shown below

The intersection of reference line as the rotation center of rotation to replicate, as shown in graph 5

Reference line to the intersection of a circle, hold down the Shift + Alt key to draw from the center circle as shown below

Select all of the graphics

Implementation of the "Object> clipping masks> build (Ctrl +7)" command to the top of the circle on the bottom of the formation of shear effect of all graphics

Select using the grouping tool to create clipping masks for the round selected, to strokes to - blue, thickness 3pt

Implementation of the "View> Guides> Clear Guides" command will remove the reference line. Success, and the first pro-a mouth, ha ha.

Three examples, drawing a three-dimensional football

Always thinking about painting football these days, not many spade, and let's begin. Do not ask how such a shape, then painted, have already spoken, there is here, also spoke.

The fill to white, drag the symbols palette

Draw half circle, blue strokes. (Ye draw? Draw a perfect circle, with the direct selection tool to select half of the deletion of that half circle Mody)

Implementation of the "effect> 3D> Raozhuan" command, set in the dialog box as shown below

Click the "map" button, the "symbol" on the choice of the definition of the symbols on the steps, this step need to open the preview, watched adjustment

Preview satisfied, click twice the "OK" button

Results will be a copy, and strokes to white

Using the path outlined triangle shown below, and the implementation of the "Object> Compound Path> build" command. (If you do not know how to draw triangle is very simple, first in the layers palette that the ball will turn off the white display)

Select the white edges of the ball and complex path, the implementation of the "Object> clipping mask> to establish a" command

Using the pen tool draw the path as shown below, and its coloring to red

In the transparency palette will change its hue mixed mode

Using the same method to paint the color of the other

Pen tool draw the shape shown below and use the "Object> Arrange> near the bottom," the graphics placed in the bottom of football

Implementation of the "effect> Fuzzy> Mirror fuzzy" set as shown below

Click "OK" button, as shown in the results

Implementation of the "effect> Fuzzy> Gaussian Blur" setting as shown below

Click "OK" button, as shown in the results

Draw the shape as shown below and fill to the shape of the gradient

Select the following figure in two shapes, click the upper right corner of the transparency palette small triangle, the pop-up menu, select "Create opaque mask" command

The results shown below


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